Terms of Service

Welcome to Avani. We’re glad that you are here on our marketplace. We hope that you have a good time on our platform and find inspiring products. By doing so, we kindly ask you to follow our terms of service.


Avani is a marketplace that allows users to offer, sell and buy eco-friendly products and services. The actual contract for sale is directly between the seller and buyer.

Accepting These Terms

This document and the other documents that we reference below make up our marketplace rules, or what we officially call our Terms of service.

The Terms are a legally binding contract between you and Avani.

This contract sets out your rights and responsibilities when you use Avani.online, so please read it carefully. By using any of our Services (even just browsing one of our websites), you’re agreeing to the Terms. If you don’t agree with the Terms, you may not use our Services.

The other documents we referred to are our Privacy policy and Cookie Policy. If you use any of our services, you agree to these terms.

General information

Ijburglaan 1502
Amsterdam, 1087 KG

Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Items You Purchase. Please be aware that Avani does not manufacture, store, or inspect any of the items sold through our Services. We provide the venue; the items in our marketplaces are produced, listed, and sold directly by independent sellers, so Avani cannot and does not make any warranties about their quality, safety, or even their legality. Any legal claim related to an item you purchase must be brought directly against the seller of the item. You release Avani from any claims related to items sold through our Services, including for defective items, misrepresentations by sellers, or items that caused physical injury (like product liability claims).

Third-Party Services. Our Services may contain links to third-party websites or services that we don’t own or control (for example, links to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest). You may also need to use a third party’s product or service in order to use some of our Services (like a compatible mobile device to use our mobile apps). When you access these third-party services, you do so at your own risk. The third parties may require you to accept their own terms of use. Avani is not a party to those agreements; they are solely between you and the third party.

Your Account with Avani

You’ll need to create an account with Avani to use some of our Services. Here are a few rules about accounts with Avani:

A. You must be 18 years or older to use our Services. Minors under 18 and at least 13 years of age are only permitted to use our Services through an account owned by a parent or legal guardian with their appropriate permission and under their direct supervision. Children under 13 years are not permitted to use Avani or the Services.

B. Be honest with us. Provide accurate information about yourself. It’s prohibited to use false information or impersonate another person or company through your account.

C. Choose an appropriate name. If you decide to not have your full name serve as the name associated with your account, you may not use language that is offensive, vulgar, infringes someone’s intellectual property rights, or otherwise violates the Terms.

D. You’re responsible for your account. You’re solely responsible for any activity on your account. If you’re sharing an account with other people, then the person whose financial information is on the account will ultimately be responsible for all activity. If you’re registering as a business entity, you personally guarantee that you have the authority to agree to the Terms on behalf of the business. Also, your accounts are not transferable.

E. Protect your password. As we mentioned above, you’re solely responsible for any activity on your account, so it’s important to keep your account password secure. 

F. Let’s be clear about our relationship. These Terms don’t create any agency, partnership, joint venture, employment, or franchisee relationship between you and Avani.

Transport Damage

If merchandise is delivered with obvious damage to the packaging or content, please report the damage immediately irrespective of warranty rights and refuse to accept delivery. Please inform Avani and the respective brand immediately by email.

Reservation of delivery

We shall be released from an obligation to fulfil the agreement in the event that it is not possible to deliver any item. Customers shall be informed immediately in the event that it shall not be possible to deliver any item; any advance payments will be reimbursed without delay. Items shall only be sold in standard household quantities.


The statutory warranty rights should apply to all deliveries. The statutory period of limitation for legal warranty claims is two years and starts upon delivery of the merchandise.

Delivery time

The delivery times of the articles on this marketplace are between 1 and 5 working days, but in most cases items are delivered within 3 working days.

Currently, orders are only delivered within the Netherlands.

Return policy

We are sure you will be happy with your order, but if you are not satisfied with your purchase we are able to process a refund for the items as long as we are notified within 14 days of you receiving the goods subject to the conditions set out below. 

To request a refund or exchange please email hello@avani.online with your order reference number, the name of the items you would like to return and the reason for the refund/exchange.

As we are an online marketplace we will provide you the returns address to send the item directly back to the brand. The brand will then inspect the returns and we will inform you of whether the return/exchange has been approved.

Please note that items must be unused and returned in the original packaging.

Sealed products which have been opened, e.g. beauty products are not suitable to be returned unless faulty. 

Once a refund has been approved, you will receive the appropriate amount within 7 days of the item being received by the brand. The money will be transferred back to you the same way as your original payment method.

In case of an exchange, you will receive the item in the normal delivery time.  

For returns we will deduct 3,95€ from the purchase amount to be refunded. We share the costs of the return shipment with you because we want to prevent unnecessary shipping and thus limit CO2 emissions and waste.

Changes to the Terms

We may update these Terms from time to time. If we believe that the changes are material, we’ll definitely let you know by posting the changes through the Services and/or sending you an email or message about the changes. That way you can decide whether you want to continue using the Services. Changes will be effective upon the posting of the changes unless otherwise specified. You are responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any changes. Your use of the Services following the changes constitutes your acceptance of the updated Terms.

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