Founding story Avani – why Avani?!

My name is Christina and a while ago I was browsing through the internet looking for new yoga pants. I wanted yoga pants that were produced in a responsible way – meaning made out of recycled materials and with little to no harm to our environment. I did notice that there are several brands which offer sustainable and eco-friendly products however it took me quite some time to find them. My conclusion was: this has to be a lot easier! I also couldn’t find one platform where I could find all those brands together – at least not in the Netherlands.

Next to my search for eco-friendly yoga pants the amount of plastic laying around everywhere makes me very sad too. These two experiences combined with my increasing awareness and willingness to contribute to the wellbeing of our earth and my understanding within the IT area and consumer goods, lead to the decision to found an online marketplace where people can easily find and shop environment-friendly products. Hence, the purpose of Avani is to bring together all eco-friendly brands in one platform and enable an easy environment-friendly shopping experience. 

Why this marketplace was named Avani

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