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Avani is your online marketplace for buying consciously

We -Christina and Laura- had the idea to found this online marketplace in 2020 as we are very concerned about the environmental pollution caused amongst others by plastic and harmful ingredients in daily-in-use products. 

Luckily, we not only see a trend to a more conscious buying behavior by consumers but also an increase in companies and brands which produce and sell environment-friendly products and services which have a positive impact on our planet.

Therefore, we decided that we want to support these companies and brands by creating this online platform which contributes to the wellbeing of the earth and shows that there are alternative lifestyle articles available which are affordable and have little to no harm on the earth. 

We want to demonstrate that these alternative goods and services are accessible, available and simple to get as we aim to bring together all the available sustainable supply and demand via this easy to use and clearly structured platform. 

Our actions are in strong relation to our purpose which is to reduce consumer pollution by offering an online platform which inspires customers to switch to a more conscious consumption behavior.

We are more than happy to contribute to a more sustainable and environment-friendly consumption pattern and are always open for new collaborations & inspirational thoughts!


Christina & Laura

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